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PS - Pink Screens

10 days of new queer sensations await you at this radically different festival.

The 8th edition of the Pink Screens Film Festival will offer a new anthology of experiences, emotions and discoveries through films that approach the themes of sexuality and gender, with a view to redefining new ways of living by breaking down established barriers.

We invite you to follow the three pink themes that weave this year’s programme: "City queers, country dykes?", a taboo-busting exploration of female sexuality by women and a subtile look at ’masculinity’ through two films made by the Belgian director Eric De Kuyper, including a raw and physical ’Dance’ session.

And, of course, numerous other alluring and enticing screenings (including, for example, the opportunity to bring transgender under the spotlight, particularly MtoF often depicted as mere divas in sequin), as well as two open debates (gueulantes) bound to upset some, performances, an exhibition and the usual round of pleasures to be found at the bar of the Nova.

For the closing night, come and let your hair down at the inevitable Pink Night, as this year it paints the newly refurbished Bruxelles-CONGRES pink with queer film projections and musical pleasures.

We hope to see you all present and joining us in setting this unique event on fire!

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Screening > 5 / 3,5 euros (reduction)
Gueulante, Expo > Free
Pink Pass (6 screenings): 25 euros

Daytime > Darakan, rue du Midi 9 Zuidstraat, 1000 bxl
During the festival, opening hours > Nova


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