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"The adventures of Little Mr Paper" is an illustrative and musical narration in which the little ones themselves are playing the leading part. The text is based on the adventures of Mr Paper by Elvis Peeters, who has won, last summer, a prize for children’s literature (de Zilveren Griffel) for this book. The music was composed by Bix Medard, especially for the children’s film festival Filem’on.
Bix aka Beatrix Fife, princess of the self-invented language, gives a warm sound to these funny and tender little stories, thanks to her voice and her flute. Medard aka Peter Clasen (electronics & guitar) is accompanied by Tariq with his double bass. But who is this little Mr Paper? Maybe you know it? Please try to wake him up together with Bix Medard !
(+4 years)

05.11 > 14:00 + 05.11 > 15:30

Izulu Lami

My Secret Sky

The South African film "My secret sky" has won the "DIKALO Best Feature Film prize" in "The International Pan African Film Festival" in Cannes. My Secret Sky follows the story of two young children who journey to the city from their rural homestead, after their mother’s death in the hope to sell the valuable traditional zulu mat woven by their mother... This poetic and emotional film shows us the hard reality of life in Durban City, and is magnificently performed by the two main characters. They won several film prizes for their great acting performance.
(+ 8 years)

06.11 > 14:00

Le sortilège des trois lutins

The Tale of John and Mary

This original and fantasy animated film by Karel Zeman, the favourite film director of Cineketjes, is based on an old Czech fairy tale. During the birth of Janko, three dwarfs were standing at his cradle: a smart one, a funny one and a vicious one. They will accompany him during his whole life. When the young man Janko is falling in love with the most beautiful elf Mariska, he has to make an appeal to the vicious dwarf. The fairy tale of Janko and Mariska is the last film by Karel Zeman. For the production of this animated film, he used etchings, medieval manuscripts and marionettes of paper.
(+ 5 years)

06.11 > 16:00

Ben Reza Gaijra is coming from London to initiate everybody in the secrets of the Chinese shadow game. In a few moments you will learn how to make an animated film with paper shapes and shadow techniques.
Mandatory reservation:
(+ 7 years)

07.11 > 10:30 + 07.11 > 14:00

A compilation of short films about people on the run: burlesque, moving, ironical animated and fiction films from all over the world, with English and French subtitles or without words.

+ Giraffe under the Rain

Pascale Hecquet, 2007, BE-FR, no dial, 12

A brave giraffe gets kicked out of her homeland because she has done something which the head of state could not appreciate. She is forced to fly to a country where the only residents are dogs.

+ The Illegal Immigrant

José Laplaine, 1996, CD, no dial, 12

This film is about an African immigrant, who is staying illegally in Portugal. The text, the music and the rhythm of this film reminds us of the style of the first burlesque silent films, at the time when the cinema could be funny and critical at the same time.

+ Bawke

Hisham Zaman, 2005, NO, 35mm, ov st fr & ang, 15

A father and his son have been on the run for a long time. When they reach their destination, the father is forced to make a choice of two evils to provide for his sons future.

+ The Paper Prince

Marko Kostic, 2007, RS, ov st fr & ang, 15

A little girl has been left alone at home and opens the door to a suspicious survey-taker, a moving story with a funny plot.

+ Asylsokere [Asylum seeker]

Kaja Wright Polmar, 2005, NL, 35mm, ov st fr & ang, 7

A bunch of kids in a backyard are playing a game they call "refugee reception centre". Everyone who wants to enter the backyard has to "apply for asylum" by telling an exiting story.

(+ 8 years)

07.11 > 17:00

Un cargo pour l’Afrique

A Cargo to Africa

Roger Cantin, 2009, CA, 35mm, ov st fr & nl, 85

This new Canadian film is produced by the famous production company "La fête". The producer is Rock Demers who has already produced some fascinating and original children’s films ("Bach et Botinne"). This is the story about Norbert, who has worked for 20 years as a humanitarian aid worker in Africa and is obliged to leave Africa, because of the civil war. He returns to Canada, his country of origin. However, he has no papers, and wants to return as soon as possible back to Africa! When he realizes he’s not going to be able to make it back to Africa legally, Norbert hooks up with a smuggler who agrees, for a price, to find him a berth on a cargo ship headed that way. But first of all, Norbert has to rid himself of his pet monkey, "Trotsky". The "orphan" Christophe is spoiling his plan ...A highly original story with a delicate subject about people without papers brought to life in a light hearted and profound way at the same time, thanks to excellent acting performances.

(+ 12 years)

07.11 > 19:00

1962-1983, CN, 35mm, vt fr , 54

Cineketje presents for the second time a marvellous compilation of unreleased animated films of the prestigious Shanghai Studios. These animated films are made of shapes and Chinese shadow game. The short films are extremely visual and the French dialogues are limited, so the Dutch children will enjoy these films as well!

+ Waiting for Tomorrow [Deng mingtian]

Hu Xiaonghua, 1962, CN, 35mm, vt fr , 17

It’s raining cats and dogs and all wild animals of the forest are making a shelter. Except for the monkey who is a little bit lazy...

+ The Monkeys Go Fishing [Houzi diao yu]

Shen Zuwei, 1983, CN, 35mm, vt fr , 18

Four little monkeys want to go out fishing, everything is all right: the harpoon, the fishing line, etc. But will they succeed in catching even one fish?

+ The Turbulent Little Monkey [Taoqide jinsi hou]

Hu Jingqing, 1982, CN, 35mm, vt fr , 19

Little monkey is an only child and full of naughty tricks making his friends burst out laughing, until the day his life is being in danger...

(+ 4 years)

08.11 > 14:00

Prûne des bois

Plum of the Forest

Marc Lobet, 1979, BE, 35mn, ov st nl, 82

A group of children is fascinated by the book "Without family" by Hector Malot, which their teacher has read for them. As a coincidence, they find an abandoned child in the forest. They decide to hide the little child and to take care of the child themselves, for fear that the adults will send the child to an orphan home. They name the little child "Plum of the forest", a very apposite name. A very charming Belgian children’s film, a classic film, which is also drawing attention to the beauty of nature.

(+ 6 years)

08.11 > 15:30

During the final festivity, all children will admire their film, which they have made during the festival, on a large screen. We will also present you the results of the 3-day animated workshop, which was organised under the professional leadership of Kidscam in the Brussels Sint-Joris school. We will conclude the film session with a brand-new Scottish animated short film "The Happy Duckling", which has been awarded several times. A pop-up book opens and the adventure is starting... After the film session Filem’on will invite you for a drink and a bite to eat, meanwhile the children can exchange their full saving card for a nice DVD, offered by Jekino.

(+ 3 years)

08.11 > 17:30

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