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From the 1st of November till the 8th of November 2009, the third feuilleton of the children’s film festival ’Filem’on’, for children older than 2 years, will take place at different locations in Brussels. This Brussels film festival, with the theme "leaves of paper", will present classic movies, longplay-movies, animation movies, short movies, documentaries, avant-premières, cine-concerts and movies made by the children them-selves. We invite you to experience the ambience of autumn and the falling leaves and to enjoy the movies, which are a tribute to nature, the forest and the trees. Learn about the use of paper during the production of an animation movie and admire your own movie on the large screen ! Or join us to reflect on the situation of people without papers and listen how children think about this subject. The festival in Nova takes 4 days and opens the 5th of november with the "Adventures of little Mr Paper, an illustrative and musical narration in which the little ones themselves are playing the leading part.


Practical Info
Film: 2,5/3,5 euros (18+)
Workshop: 3 euros
No presale!

During the 4-day children’s film festival you can, before and after the films, enjoy reading a nice little book, in the readingcorner and know more about strange animals like a zoetrope. In the café downstairs, there will be an exposition about comic strips, the results of a workshop, which took place last year in Brussels, under the leadership of the illustrator Kitty Crowther. The younger little brothers and sisters will enjoy, in the café, the wordless short film sessions "Big art for little people", during or after the film sessions. These films are made by several artists. These films aren’t cartoons, but moving still lives, dancing zebra crossings, melting objects or just children who are ending up in a world where the things are going differently than normal.

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