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Week-end #1 (24 & 25.07)

The first PleinOPENair weekend will take place at the former train station Gare Josaphat, located near the park of the same name in Schaerbeek.

Josaphat Station (1030, Brussels)
Blvd. Général Wahislann + Ave. Charles Gilisquetlaan, enter from rue Gustave Latinisstraat

TRAM: 23, 24 (Chazal)
BUS: 28, 65 (Josaphat)
Night bus: N04 Léopold III, to De Brouckere (last bus > 02:34)

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The trio NED has been around since 1998. From their first home-made cassettes to the fanzine SK records, the band evolves with each new recording, concert and tour, all while remaining loyal to the DIY ethic.
The trio emerged from the Lyon punk scene in the 90s with energy boiling over into bands like Bastard or Condense. NED created the label SK Records and put out a series of albums, participated in opening the squat Grrrnd Zero where they organized many concerts. The band toured throughout Europe, making friends along the way (with over 500 shows all across the continent, playing with bands like Nomeansno, Guapo, Melt Banana, Oxbow, Psychic Paramount...).
Chaotic noise-punk since the beginning, with influences from a huge array of styles, from blues to anti-musical concept work and back again to good ol’ rock n roll. NED has always followed its own, unstable path.

24.07 > 20:00 + 24.07 > 24:00

Jan Svankmajer, 1988, CZ, 16mm, no dial, 18'

A short film by a Czech director familiar to Nova. Here he critiques the world of football and its illustrious representatives: players and fans. The film combines animation and sport techniques with photo-montage. Svankmajer relentlessly juggles these elements, formulating his take on a situation that could be summarized in a single phrase, never straying from his corrosive sense of humour and unique aesthetic.

24.07 > 21:45

Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1979, FR, 35mm, ov st nl, 89'

François Perrin (Patrick Dewaere) plays outside forward on the football team for Trincamp, a city where football is everything: you wear football from Logerand, drink football at Pénalty and work football for Sivardière, the factory CEO and president of the football club. During training, François knocks into the team star, which gets him kicked out of the club and then his job. To make things worse, he’s falsely charged with rape. But one day a player gets in an accident, leaving a vacancy for a very important match. François leaves prison for the event and suddenly becomes indispensable to the team when he scores 2 goals. His vengeance begins... "Coup de tête", based on an idea by Jean-Luc Godard and a screenplay by Francis Veber, is an inventory of human error.

24.07 > 22:00

We’re going to search for wild, edible plants with the help of some Brussels herb experts. The walk is followed by a workshop where you can learn how to prepare original, plant-based medicines. We’ll drink some homemade brew to work up an appetite for our post-walk communal dinner. Reservations are required, and should be sent by email to hilde @ before Friday, July 24.

Workshop for kids*

While the parents are out searching for herbs, the kids can join us for a workshop in how to make easy and effective balms and ointments: a sun ointment, insect ointment, ointment for small cuts and even "muscle ointment"...

These balms are made from natural ingredients like sunflower oil, bees wax, shea butter and essential lavender, lemon and mint oils. We’ll also look for useful herbs outside. (6-12 year olds)
Please sign up by email:

25.07 > 16:00

Cinérotic is an erotic cinema system created by Roger Toulemonde, amateur filmmaker and Super 8 fan. You might remember him from PleinOPENair a few years ago, where he presented a mini-cinema built into a Peugeot 203. This year he’s back with his company "Jamais 203" and a mini peek-and-pedal system. Together with Eric (ex-Beurres & Ordinaires, a regular at Nova), they’ve constructed three viewing cabins on bikes: the pedals let you open and close the curtains and operate a reel of Super 8 that will make you blush. To get to seventh heaven, the spectator has to straddle the seat and peek his/her head into an old skirt from Yvonne, Roger’s wife. There’s a soundtrack to each film created by one of Roger’s friends. Tempted?

25.07 > 17:00

Naifu is a Japanese take on the English word "knife". The Japanese don’t use a knife to eat, they use chopsticks, as does Wilf Plum, former drummer of the Scottish band Dog Faced Hermans (1986-1995) who relocated to Belgium after living in Amsterdam. Since arriving in his new home, he’s been involved in many projects, including the Brussels band NAIFU. The band combines oriental aesthetics and refinement with the rage of Western rock bands like Fugazi or Neurosis. As Penny Rimbaud (Crass...) describes, ""Lovely ! Great voice. Nice lyrics." They’ve also been called post hardcore, noise... but not just that. Because NAIFU is first and foremost bottled-up tension and stifled rage, with a feminine voice of impeccable range, reminiscent of Throwing Muses or Blonde Redhead. A mix of sugary, salty, soft and violent, a voice and music that leave you feeling uncanny and destabilized, but oh so fascinated...

25.07 > 20:00

Sydney Pollack, 1969, US, 35mm, ov st fr, 120'

In times of crisis, dance! Isn’t it exciting? This story takes place in the 1930s during a dance marathon to win money and exposure. Spectators come admire the misery, to applaud: "Look how courageous they are! Did you see their flexible knees? The show is fascinating!" Sydney Pollack invites us to take a cynical look at society, juxtaposing the animal and beautiful sides of human relationships and human nature.

25.07 > 22:00

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They ?

On achève bien les chevaux

Sydney Pollack, 1969, US, 35mm, ov st fr, 120'

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25.07 > 22:00

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