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V.O.S.T. is an exhibit focusing on the influence of cinema on the artistic creation that will take place at iMAL from May 21 - 31. The work of visual artists often poses a challenge when it comes to the property rights for the multiple uses and other referencing and citing practiced. It seemed an ideal occasion for Nova to associate with the event for one evening.

+ *Blanche-Neige Lucie
Pierre Huyghe, FR, 1997, 4’*
Chronicle of Lucie Dolène, the French interpreter of Walt Disney’s Snow White, who is defending herself against the ways in which her voice has been used.

+* oeil pour oeil
Yan Duyvendak, NL, 2002, 6’*
Zapping across the television realities of September 2002, faces from tv are projected alongside Yan Duyvendak (Videoart, Switzerland).

+ *Papillon d’amour
Nicolas Provost, BE, 2003, 4’*
By adding a mirror effect to one of the scenes from Akira Kurosawa’s "Rashomon", Provost succeeds in recreating a truly physical audiovisual experience.

+ *TV Sweet
Marie Daubert, FR, 1997, 6’*
When the subtitles filmed from a TV monitor tell a story.

+ Fast Film

Virgil Widric, 2003, AT-LU, 35mm, no dial, 14

Characters from over 300 films spanning an entire era of cinema, from silent films to 21rst century Hollywood are collected into complex portraits giving them new life, in homage to action films!

+ Outer Space

Peter Tscherkassky, 1999, AT, 35mn, no dial, 10

A masterpiece in the experimental manipulation of found footage, with a scene from the horror film "The Entity" by Sydney J. Furie as a starting point.

+ Passage à l’acte

Martin Arnold, 1993, US, 16mm, no dial, 12

The obsessive decomposition of a family scene taken from any old Hollywood film turned into a loop that enables hidden meaning to emerge from the surface of banality. A classic...

+ The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproductibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn

Keith Sanborn, 1996, US, 4

An attempt to retract from intellectual property rights in the age of digital reproduction, inspired by Walter Benjamin’s essay of the same name.

+ *I scream
Julie Morel, France, 2009, Programme génératif sur vidéo*
Program generated on video
A subtitled game in which you are the hero, whether you like it or not! Horror and damnation...

+ E.T. and me

Xavier Gautier, 2000, FR, video, no dial, 1

Spielberg’s E.T. on Super 8.

+ *Michiko
Xavier Gautier, France, 2000, vidéo, muet, 0´48"*
Michiko... Michiko... Michiko... etc

23.05 > 20:00

- *Let’s go to town
Demolecularisation (Jérôme & Jean François Blanquet), FR, 2009*
Cinema for the blind and deaf, and vice-versa, by members of .

- *Love will tear us apart
Pokipoki (Sylvie Astié and Patricia Maincent), FR/US, 2008*
Film edited live, wherein every performance reinvents a relationship of texts/images/sound out of love stories.

- *monochrome
RyBN, FR, 2008*
Audiovisual performance derived from the Monochrome:tube project...

- *Ode to joy
Michaël Sellam, FR, 2007*
Extreme, live reading of the video-taped concert "Ode to Joy", directed by Leonard Bernstein.

23.05 > 21:30

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