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"Print Party" by Open Source Publishing, an experimental graphic design agency that uses open source software and explores the hypothesis that using this software profoundly modifies design and its relationship to society.

28.05 > 19:00

Find a detour around Google, Myspace, Facebook, Dailymotion... what enables a business model that captures our energy and personal information to function so easily and generate profits for a company?
A discussion to try to free ourselves from these kinds of intermediaries, with Benjamin Bayard (president of one of the oldest "community" access providers in France, FDN: and Michel Cleempoel (from the project "E-traces",

31.05 > 18:00

As management companies start to have more and more sway over immaterial rights, the Spanish organization EXGAE proposes solutions that brief both national and supranational institutions on the issue as well as offer legal support to artists, associations or cultural enterprises. The organization also presented the "oXcars: The First Non-Competitive Awards in the History of Culture" last October in Barcelona. A film was made: "oXcars, the movie" (Spain 2009, OV ENG SUB, 70’) and it will be screened and followed by a discussion with Simona Levi and Gala Pin of EXGAE, who will also be present at the 8pm debate. Afterwards, join their colleague Miguel Gozalbo in the bar for a Creative Commons Dj set.

06.06 > 18:00

invités / gasten / guests:

> Florent Latrive, author "The guide to proper piracy", key book about the consequences and issues at hand of the current intellectual property rights battle.

> Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder and spokesperson for "la Quadrature du Net", a collective at the forefront of fighting the Hadopi project in France that would enable Internet access to be interrupted in the event of "illegal" downloading. The collective is also an advocate for global licensing.

06.06 > 20:00

Informal discussion / brunch amongst "activists" from the Belgian arts scene on the deadlock created by the current way of managing copyright (please let us know you’re coming: ).

07.06 > 14:00

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