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Brett Gaylor, 2009, CA, video, ov st fr, 80

An innovative film that looks at the freedom of speech and questions the well-foundedness of intellectual property policy in the digital age. The first "open source" documentary for which Brett Gaylor shared his rushes with hundreds on the Internet, asking them to enrich his project by re-editing the scenes.

14.05 > 20:00 + 24.05 > 22:00 + 30.05 > 18:00

Craig Baldwin, 1995, US, 16mm, ov, 87

Craig Baldwin uses the "U2 vs. Negativland" case (lawsuit against copyright violation of the "U2 brand") to create a frenetic film collage pooled from the four corners of culture, mirroring the techniques that Negativland uses in its audio work.

14.05 > 22:00 + 22.05 > 20:00

Stolen Art

une collection particulère

Simon Backès, 2008, BE, video, ov fr , 58

While investigating the mysterious collection of "Stolen Art" presented in 1978 in a New York gallery by the Czech artist Pavel Novak, Simon Backès questions the identity of art and how it is seen as an object of someone’s material and intellectual property. A film reminiscent of "F for Fake" by Orson Welles, also in our program.

In the presence of Simon Backès

15.05 > 20:00

Nina Paley, 2008, US, 35mn, ov st fr, 82

A free adaptation of the "Râmâyana" book - the epic Indian legend of Sita - a jubilatory musical comedy that goes back and forth between autobiography and phantasmogoria. An animated film written, directed and animated entirely by Nina Paley, without a budget or a studio! As a self-proclaimed "anti-copyright" activist, Nina has "freed" Sita by giving it a "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike" license since the end of February... and the 35mm will be at Nova for three exceptional screenings!

Interview of Nina Paley on copyrights]

15.05 > 22:00 + 23.05 > 18:00 + 31.05 > 20:00

Mike Davis, 2008, US, video, ov st fr, 78

A 100% recycled "green movie", starting from the "Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women", a Corman production that was itself a mercenary dug out of "Voyage from the Prehistoric Planet", a film that is just an American version of the fantastic Russian film "Planeta Bur"...

15.05 > 24:00

Agnès Varda, 2000, FR, 35mm, ov st nl, 82

Gleaning is not only tolerated, but also regulated, even when done on private property. The practice however does not necessarily have to disturb the property owners, to the contrary... Documentary where gleaning and recycling off all kinds are joyously documented by the "old filmmaker, young artist" Agnès Vardas.

16.05 > 18:00

Agnès Varda, 2002, FR, 35mm, ov st nl, 63

Our debonair gleaner of images reconnects with some of the protagonists from "Les Glaneurs et la la Glaneuse", but also with the authors of some atypical messages received in the mail...

31.05 > 18:00

Orson Welles, 1974, FR, 35mn, ov st fr, 85

Welles’ investigation into one of the most notorious counterfeiters of the 20th century, Elmyr de Hory, reflects on what is real and what is false in a work of art, complete with his own stabs at the art market and its experts...

16.05 > 20:00

Slatan Dudow, 1932, DE, 16mm, ov st fr, 85

Great Depression era Berlin: the unemployed organize themselves into a property-free community... Censors at the time ban the political pamphlet written by Bertolt Brecht in which he poses the simple question "to whom does the world belong?" To the exploiters or the exploited?

16.05 > 22:00 + 30.05 > 20:00

Jennifer Abbott & Mark Achbar, 2003, CA, ov st fr, 145

"The Corporation" uncovers the legal and psychological mechanisms that have led to corporations dominating the world, and destroying it in all impunity! Through furious marketing and lobbying, corporations demand more privatization of services and public spaces, of life itself. Edifying and well-rounded, "The Corporation" also offers visual pleasure, rich in archived public domain footage found on "". After a bad run due to poor distribution in the movie theatres, the authors decide to grant free access to their film on the Internet... but nothing is better than (re)discovering it on the big screen!

17.05 > 18:00

Fuck Mickey Mouse

Dennis Nyback presents...

The "Fuck Mickey Mouse" compilation from the collector Dennis Nyback brings together ten hilarious animated films from the 30s and 40s, exhibiting how other studios stood their ground against the Disney mastodon by stealing its icons and turning them into very crude parodies…

(Dennis Nyback won’t be present, but you will receive information about each film during the screening)


22.05 > 22:00

Marie-Monique Robin, 2005, FR, video, ov, 55

Using the example of a yellow bean patented in the USA although it has existed for millenia in Mexico, a denunciation of bio-piracy and the colonial system that continues to conquer "unknown territories" of our common heritage that should remain natural and free.

24.05 > 18:00

Marie-Monique Robin, 2008, FR, video, ov st ang, 108

Implanted in 46 countries, Monsanto has become the world leader in Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and is one of the most controversial companies in industrial history due to the toxicity of its chemical products. In collusion with the American administration, Monsanto has erected a massive guard of lies, pressure and attempts at corruption to become the number one seed manufacturer in the world, a slap in the face of all principles of precaution that have earned that name.

24.05 > 20:00

League of Noble Peers, 2009, SE, video, ov st fr, 50

"Steal This Film" (2006) was shot collaboratively and offered for free online. It recounts the first episode of The Pirate Bay going head to head with the Hollywood entertainment industries. Steal This Film II (2007) invites you to reflect more generally on the idea of copyright, going all the way back to the invention of the printing press. Last April, Pirate Bay lost the case. Steal This Film: Trial Edition is a remix of the film that includes filmed reenactments from the trial, "a piece of theater for the media".

In presence of Jamie King, League of Noble Peers’director/productor

29.05 > 20:00

Guy Debord, 1973, FR, 35mm, ov, 88

"We must take back that which the spectacle has taken from reality. The expropriators of the spectacle will be expropriated. The world has already been filmed. Now it is time to transform it."
(Guy Debord, "La Société du Spectacle", the quintessential misappropriation film).

29.05 > 22:00

+ In Limbo

Simon Arazi, 2001, BE, video, ov nl st fr, 43

Satirical homage to contemporary propaganda, "In Limbo" is composed entirely of images from American satellites that have been fraudulently intercepted (in the presence of the director).

+ Rip in Pieces America

Dominic Gagnon, 2009, CA, video, ov ang , 62

A kind of obscure portrait of contemporary USA composed of videos that come from free web-hosting sites where the crisis, fear and paranoid psychosis are always present...

30.05 > 22:00

Twila Raftu & Shaun Cronin, 2006, US, video, ov, 68

The culture industry continues to impose its vision of intellectual property and build a giant framework to guarantee its protection. "Alternative freedom" denounces the contradictions and dangers all while introducing alternatives based on the principles of liberty, independence and community. (With DJ Danger Mouse and his "Grey Album", Andrew "bunnie" Huang, first person to "hack" Microsoft’s Xbox, Jason Schultz, lawyer with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Richard Stallman, guru of open source software, the rapper Adam "Doseone Drucker, and professor Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons).

31.05 > 22:00

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