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Short films

Soirée K

Trois duos, trois démarches atypiques, viennent se rencontrer un même soir au Nova. Nous vous proposons une balade dans le cinéma à la rencontre d’expériences musicales singulières, entre improvisation acoustique, électronique et performance cinématographique.

20:00 "Oberhausen On Tour"

+ Dive (Christopher Wilits)

Iris Piers, 2006, DE, , 4'

+ H.O.N.D Aerobic (Felix Kubin)

Mariola Brillowska , 2007, DE, ov de & ang , 4'

+ Domin, libra nos (The Space Lady)

Oliver Pietsch, 2006, DE, video, no dial, , 4'

+ Dot (Michael Fakesch)

Jörg Petri, 2007, DE, ov ang , 1'

+ Bestes Deutsches Musikvideo (Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget)

Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget, 2008, DE, video, no dial, , 5'

+ Tween My Lips (Foods for Animals)

Martin Sulzer, 2008, DE, video, no dial, , 2'

+ Real Snow (Kaspar Astrup Schroeder)

Lisa Rave, 2007, DE, , 4'

+ Where In This World (The Notwist)

Markus Wambsganss, 2008, DE, video, no dial, , 4'

+ Ich bin der Stricherjunge (Stereo Total)

Simone Gilges, 2007, DE, video, ov , 2'

+ Blackbird (Michael Fakesch)

Giraffentoast, 2007, DE, , 1'

+ Terra Incognita (Rechenzentrum)

Lillevän, 2007, DE, ov de , 4'

21:00 Concerts




DJ Armand Guidon

09.04 > 24:00 + 10.04 > 20:00 + 10.04 > 21:00

Vera Simkova & Jan Kucera, 1966, CZ, 35mm, vt fr st nl, 67'

Another Czech film for you! Our Cineketje film this time around won’t involve sophisticated animation techniques or plot twists like last month’s film by Karel Zeman, rather deals with a simple story told with tenderness, humor and intelligence. In the streets of Prague, 8 year-old Katia encounters Micha who is searching for a house to keep his school’s pets during the summer holiday. He entrusts her with monkeys, white mice, rabbits, turtles and even a crocodile. But poor scatterbrained Katia lets the animals escape. Soon the city is invaded by Katia and her schoolfriends, all in crazy pursuit of the bewildered pets.

19.04 > 15:00

On the final day of April, a group of humans will freely unite in an obscure room with crumbling walls. Their mission? To witness a (non-) selection of short films (each less than 15 minutes long) recorded in any format suitable for projection and delivered to the offices of Nova (14 rue d’Arenberg, across the street from the cinema) a week prior to the screening. No censorship. No taboos. Everything will be screened.

30.04 > 20:00


16.04 > 20:00 + 03.05 > 20:00

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