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Le dirigeable volé

Ukradena vzducholod

Karel Zeman, 1966, CZ, 35mm, st nl, 86'

"Le Dirigeable Volé" (The Stolen Airship) is a fantastic journey, adapted by the "Czech Mélies", Karel Zeman, from the novel "Two Years’ Vacation" by the great Jules Vernes,. During the 1891 World’s Fair in Prague, five boys passionate about science and technology climb aboard an airship and fly over the sea. They’ve already traveled far when their worried families start to search for them. The airship is destroyed in a storm and lands on a deserted island.
This new encounter with Karel Zeman at Cinema Nova offers you a dazzling montage of live-action people and locations with superimposed images, a game of tracing paper and opacity. An audacious and playful adventure film, surrealistic and full of visual inventions: post card sets coated in illusions, striped costumes that imitate Hezel prints, sepia dyes... the film won the "Prix Art et Essai Jeune Public" at the Aubervilliers Festival in 2002.
For children and adults age 6 and older.

22.03 > 15:00

Through this creative workshop we will discover the universe of Karel Zeman and the art of visual effects. We will also explore the scientific techniques for making all kinds of flying machines.

Reservation needed: of +32474532247 (Hilde)

22.03 > 13:00

06.03 > 19:30 + 13.03 > 19:30 + 20.03 > 19:30

We’ve called on the Offscreen’s mascot for a closing concert to help end the festival on a festive note.
The Error Team is a trio that mixes instrumental film soundtrack, latin, exotic and melancholic, with a zest of jazz. File under "Eerie Listening".

22.03 > 23:00

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