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*Amateurs of the bizarre and strange, welcome to this second edition of the Offscreen festival, organized in collaboration with the asbl/vzw Marcel.
Over the next three weeks you’ll discover a selection of new work, presented under the banner "First (off)screenings", as well as thematic modules, classic, cult, rare or even totally unimaginable films (promised!), and a variety of events that you shouldn’t miss. So buckle up and take in as much as you can, because this year’s festival will venture to the ends of the world. Y2K as the harbinger of doom is nothing more than a vague memory, but now there’s 2012 on its way. Might as well get used to it: the end of the world is nigh and inescapable. The post-apocalypse thematic module is here to prepare you for it, think of it as a survival manual... or a guide to going into extinction with dignity, depending on how you look at it. Be inspired by the experiences of those who’ve already faced these "challenges", so frequent in cinema.
This year’s program will also dive into the richly colorful and twisted Italian genre cinema; take you on a strange weekend through Australia in the "Ozploitation" module; and continue the success of last year’s 3-D screenings with an evening of interactive cinema, followed by a symposium on the topic the day after.

Be there, because you never know if you’ll be around to participate next year...*

Animus] will give Nova a nuclear-themed makeover especially for the Offscreen festival. The bar will be converted into a fallout shelter with three weeks worth of provisions. Between alerts you can go there to admire a collection of pre-apocalyptic artwork in a protected and safe environment. Unless, of course, there’s a "Tingler" lurking in the corner....

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