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Publiphobia Night #2

Last year advertising investment in Belgium reached the 9 billion Euro mark. Marketing and advertising costs are calculated entirely into the prices of products and the services advertised. As a result, every Belgian last year spent an average of 900 Euros on advertisement. Advertising: nobody asked for it but everyone has to pay the price and accept it into their lives. It is omnipresent, invading everything. It claims to have artistic value when all it really wants is to sell rugs. It pretends to be for ecology when in fact it’s trying to con you into buying stolen Iraqi oil. It purports to abide by a code of ethics when in fact it is illegal, it claims to inform when it only leads to misinformation. This second edition of "Publiphobia Night" strives to understand and deconstruct the logic behind the ad and marketing industry, all in a festive atmosphere. The evening is organized in collaboration with Respire, an organization founded in 2005 that seeks to raise awareness about the dangers of over-consumption. The association also tries to promote less consumerism (not seen on television), more solidarity, and a living, lively planet. We suggest, as a first gesture of goodwill, that ads be erased from the public space... it would be a nice vacation.

"As a self-cleaning electric oven, I am looking to anchor my refills using new decorative pumpkins, in order to absorb humidity in a flower-print duvet measuring 140 cm x 190 cm, independently of the official field of 100% wool blankets.
I don’t ’work’, which some might disagree with, in order to have the ’time’ to put on a women’s fitness t-shirt every day and also to have the time to ’dedicate’ to baby pyjamas. In these times of extreme profit turnover, I demand the privilege of working less in order to spend more.
In this ’exhibit’, you will discover: the master of purchases, successor to the yardstick, a shopping cart of paint, a work that can’t be sold separately, a suitcase to take the landscape on a walk, and the end of dreams..."

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Bernard Mulliez, 2009, BE, video, ov fr , 89

As part of the Europalia Europa festival, the CIVA (International Center for City, Architecture and Landscape), in partnership with a large distribution corporation of Belgian origin, organized an exhibit in the museum of the La Cambre school of architecture entitled "Supermarket of Europe, 1957-2007". In it, the sponsor became not only the public institution’s partner, but in an ultimate example of the private sector takeover of the public cultural sphere, it was also the subject of the exhibit! The "brand" is not enough when it comes to marketing, the brand is also a subject, an actor in history and a heroic figure entirely legitimized by the academic universe. The architectural approach to the phenomena of large-scale distribution proposed by the exhibition was only a pretext for an audacious aesthetization of industrial phenomena, vector of important social transformations, purged and absolved of its multiple and often harmful urban, economic and social influences.
The responsible persons from the cultural and political sectors offer a special case of institutional collaboration, somewhere between intentional blindness and cynicism—and without a trace of resistance—where the public cultural space is open for a corporate free-for-all of prosaic, capitalist proportions.
In this particular case, it seems that exhibition guides and professors simply put the finishing touches on the very propaganda mechanisms realized by the exhibit: to reach out to the customer-spectators, to attract them and their loyalty, starting with the youngest generation possible.

+ Debate: Advertising at school to school of advertising?

The work in progress screening of Bernard Mulliez’ film will be followed by three interventions to shed light on the reality of marketing and its invasion of places of learning. The "school pact" stipulates that absolutely no commercial activity be allowed in schools. Yet in addition to the American soft drink machines slathered in poster-sized logos, commercial propaganda intrudes on our schools more and more, all the way to the bags carried by schoolchildren. In addition to the "pedagogical initiatives" distributed in classes, generously financed by corporations looking for the future generation of loyal consumers, more and more sponsored events and marketing events have popped up in close proximity to schools. The advertising lobby has even gone so far as to offer teachers free didactic tools "to teach about advertising"... When Danon, Coca-Cola, Fortis&Co. unite to make kids "advert-savvy", there’s something to be afraid of.

Bernard Legros, co-author of "L’Ecole et la peste publicitaire" (School and the marketing epidemic, Aden, 2007)
- A school director
- A representative of the "Article 41 Commission"

And before the screening and debate begin, we’ll present the "Parapub" campaign by GSARA as well as screen some laureat videograms.

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"Dear customers: we would like to inform you that all our fresh products may be consumed immediately and without moderation, and that you may also take advantage of anything here that you find useful, necessary or even superfluous... Our special package deal: a heart, with a chest, a stomach, a liver, lungs and innards! And exclusively for you today: a foot, leg, knee, thigh, buttocks, back, shoulder and tongue! And only for you, for not a penny more, we’ll add: some brains! Bon appétit and have a wonderful evening!"

As the sales period comes to an end, with the economic crisis looming in the background, what could be more invigorating than a performance with song, text and images about sexist marketing, presented to you by a member of the "Le Café" collective... where the absurd is not only thought-provoking, but action-provoking as well!
Concept and writing: Yasmine Laassal, Ingrid Marcq and Françoise Walot. Performed by: Françoise Walot - Images and audio-visual editing: Dhaniya Coel - Film: Marie Vermeiren - Soundtrack and voice: Guillaume Istace - Original music: Manuel Fernandez.

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