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Sogo Ishii

The influence of the Japanese enfant terrible Sogo Ishii (°1957) on the development of contemporary Japanese cinema is incontestable. Nowadays internationally acclaimed for art house features such as Angel Dust and Labyrinth Of Dreams, he started out as a former punk musician who turned into a self-made director and chronicler of the Japanese punk movement of the late 70s and early 80s. Ishii’s goal was to make the cinematic equivalent to punk music; movies, featuring the struggles of misfits and underdogs against established society, in which every frame is imbued with the philosophy, spirit and look of the Japanese Punk scene. Ishii’s early work foreshadows everything from the works of Shinya Tsukamoto and Takashi Miike to two decades’ worth of MTV music videos.

+ Crazy Thunder Road

Sogo Ishii, 1980, JP, 35mm, ov st ang, 90

Irreverent, manic, anarchic and energetic, this raw-edged biker flick is pure punk. Reminiscent of Mad Max, it shares the same dazzling technical proficiency and razor-sharp editing with Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead.

+ Panic In High School [Koko Dai Panikku]

Sogo Ishii, 1976, JP, super8 > video, ov st fr, 17

A high school student rallies his classmates into rebelling violently when the administration refuses to take responsibility for the suicide of one of the students. Sogo Ishii’s first 8mm film from 1977.

14.04 > 22:30

A return to the anarchy of his early work, this hyper kinetic descent into electro-charged punk madness, set to an eardrum-shattering industrial punk/noise soundtrack, is a wild and overwhelming experience.


Japan, 1981, 35mm, vo st ang./ ov eng ond, 38’
A gangster is on the run from the police who want him for the murder of a woman. They rush through the entire film, while their thoughts and memories become gradually "shuffled". Based on the short comic "Run" by Katsuhiro Otomo ("Akira").

Asia Strickes Back : 2005 Remix Live Version
Japan, 1983, Beta, vo st ang./ ov eng ond, 31’
A revolt breaks out in an isolated facility, where soldiers with psychic powers are trained. The original film from 1983 is now digitally remastered, with a completely new and blasting sound design.

14.04 > 24:30

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