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Moving images are being used more and more in the field of performing arts. It has certainly to do with the access to technology recently made easier, but not only. This could then appear as a new and recent phenomenon but as a matter of fact for decades many experimental filmmakers have been experimenting new projection systems and devices, and have looked for new ways to re-invent screening spaces. In those particular contexts, where cinema is "brought out" of its traditional screen, the interaction with the public is very often essential. Expanded cinema, film-performance, live-show or live-screening, it is very difficult to label and categorize these other forms of cinema. In Nova you will be able to experience a large range of them, some short, some longer, in silence or notŠ—

Using OTHER PEOPLES HOME MOVIES, David Leister presents a selection of 16mm amateur archive film from the back yards, holidays and events of strangers. Done in the spirit of an amateur cine enthusiasts show, Leister presents the material with the live accompaniment of the easy listening duo, The Easy Alohas, who match (or mismatch!) the mood of the anonymous filmmakers with their eclectic selection of vinyl.—

02.12 > 22:00

Tabula Rasa is the second chapter of a three part project, where its central element, which follows Nocte, is a performance continuing the same plan: a double screen where images of a black and white reel unwind and a third beam where matter is invented for every projection. An imaginary journey throughout Europe tracing cartography of the ruin, a melancholic voyage through time, a look at fingerprints and trace, absence, stone and dust. To experience the silver film as wall experiences the passing of men and time, in search of fracture, a breach where only it survives, among the ashes and the debris, a blind light wave travels a wasted land. There is no bond that time does not erase.—

03.12 > 15:30

Graphic work in 16mm film loop on high-speed projectors and retro-projected chemical reactions. Playing with light and sound interference of chemical kinetics, projections at variable speed, through an unusual way, this intervention proposes an introspective journey to the heart of pure, primary, contradictory feelings and impressions which are yet forced to coexist by physical, chemical, sensorial and hypnotic phenomenon where images and sounds are only catalysts of a simple equilibrium attempt of our own emotional stability.—

03.12 > 18:00

The filmmaker"s live interaction with his on-screen image which is projected onto a hand-held mirrored screen. The screen is white one side and mirrored the other, and is used by the performer to either "catch" the projected image, or reflect it around the cinema space. The image on film is of the same event happening in a sunlit landscape. Visual echoes are made between the live event and the recorded one; between the older performer and his younger, former self. The performance can take place outside at night, whereupon those parts of the film not "caught" by the screen disappear into the dark.—

03.12 > 22:30

Ok, get ready! For an afternoon, the Café Nova will become a great movie-sound-cooking lab!! The menu offers Romanian recipes presented in the form of 1) movies; 2) sounds; 3) cooked meals! You will have the opportunity to take part in 3 workshops running in parallel and in live. You don"t need to book your place to participate, you just have to come to the Café Nova, and there you will get a spoon or a paintbrush inviting you to join our happy collective and creative mix. At dinner time, you will see a movie-sound-cooking projection being the result of the day"s experimentsŠ and enjoy home made meals made out of the ingredients that our friends of the association Pensiero Cinematico have brought directly from Italy!—

04.12 > 14:30

"Li[ght]nes" is a performance-film performed directly on the screen. Black films are running on a repeat-mode through several 16mm projectors. By progressively scrapping off the film, Nominoë lets lines appear. Those lines stretch following the orientation of the running film. Presenting such a voluntary deteriorated material makes light and colours appear freely until the stage space becomes saturated.

Firstly, plasma is composed of quark and gluons. BIG BANG.
10exp.-43 seconds ­ gravity becomes a distinctive force. 10exp.-11 seconds ­ electromagnetic force and the weak energy separate. 10exp.-4 seconds ­ quarks are combined to from protons and neutrons. 100 seconds ­ protons and neutrons mix to create helium nucleus. 300 000 years ­ universe becomes transparent and fills up with light.1 million years ­ galaxies are formed. 15 million years ­ today.—

05.12 > 22:30

We have reaped the ripe fruits Š
The juice of the vine is not ready yetŠ The fermentation process is beginningŠ Free session for four projectorsŠWork in progress, third duet session.—

06.12 > 21:00

Xavier Querel uses 16mm cinema projectors as luminous sources; image and sound are mixed live.The image is masked, deformed and mixed; the film is scratched, coloured, copied, and rigged, thus offering an artist’s palette of material for improvisation. X. Q. is co-founder of the experimental film lab «MTK» and member of «METAMKINE»

07.12 > 22:30

"Le noir éclaire" is a collection of short visual and sound sequences: rough elements of the reality are presented without being included in a pre-established screenplay or considered as a topic to be worked out. The red line aims to be the feeling, the reception of a movie projection, by which the set-up and the patterns contibute to create an altered feeling of duration, space, light and darkness, seeing and listening,experienced by the spectator. People look at landscapes and describe them, a child is staring at the blinding light, other people make pictures on a beach...

A-stereo is a double-screen film-projection with a live soundtrack performed with three record players. The films, made with out of date S8 Kodachrome stock, have been home-printed and reworked afterwards. The performance does not have a pre-determined narration, the sound and film material allowinf for a free interpretation.

09.12 > 19:15

"What you will see in this piece are faces taken from obscure movies; not part of any action, but as visual samples that have undergone heavy chemical treatment. During the performance we build up a form and connect sound and image: these fast moving faces become icons surrounded by sounds, strange voices, loops and complex rhythms."

09.12 > 22:30

The combinations are dark and seeping:"Where have I fallen into? Into an inn where everyone is killed!" LEVOX is the deployment of the different ranges in the history of cinematic clichés. Such sentimental exhibitions, deadly demonstrations, a speed"s point euphoria, narrative anorexia, either enclosed or in wide spaces, are indeed possible through the use of an extensive number of infinite images and sounds. What does it matter that under these conditions the play of the actors may be rather bad than good? "That is at least the essence of cinema itself!" That: Babylon"s power, lifted by three barking firefighters where the rule of the day was; "we may bring our own food".—

10.12 > 22:30

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