Microboutiek & Micro-Evenings

Visit the Microboutiek website at: http://microboutiek.nova-cinema.org

If you love unique books hand-crafted out of bric-a-brac, string and yarn, and home-cooked experiments, come rummage through the Microboutiek! The Microboutiek is a mobile distribution center for handmade items, a stand dedicated to home experimentation, to the "minor" arts and "minority" cultures. At the Microboutiek you can find handmade books and all sorts of fun, limited edition visual, audio, literary, graphic, pressed, glued, hand-drawn, lithographed, engraved, and photocopied publications.

Above all, the Microboutiek is dedicated to unique forms of expression, to experiments, to self-taught artists and self-produced work...

It comes regularly to Nova’s café-bar. Check the program for more details.

Contact: microboutiek (at) nova-cinema.org